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Quote about American opportunity

14 Apr

To extinguish the fires of American prosperity, we need only to suffocate them under a blanket of government programs.

A Secret worth keeping by Lancaster R. Hill


labor quote

28 Dec

The only entitlement guaranteed should be the fruits of one`s own labor.

A Secret worth keeping by Lancaster R. Hill


quote about labor

Confronting the truth

6 Feb

It takes discipline to confront the most horrible truths.

A Secret Worth Keeping by Lancaster R. Hill 

Resistant 4

Quote about confronting truth 

Liberty quote

24 Oct

Liberty is worth more than every pearl in the ocean, every ounce of gold ever mined. It is as precious to man as air, as necessary to survival as a beating heart. 

A secret worth keeping by Lancaster R. Hill 

Quote about liberty

Quote about liberty

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