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Benefits for less fortunate

2 May

Benefits for those deemed less fortunate are organic. They spawn a feast of greed and corruption. Civil War pensions, for example, seemed a moral right, until they sprung a cottage industry of unscrupulous lawyers whose sole purpose was defrauding the federal government by securing pensions for those who had not earned them.

Climbing the Mountain by Lancaster R. Hill


Shedding blood for Liberty

2 May

Where blood has been shed for liberty and the freedom to improve one`s lot, the wound from which it spilled will heal in time.

Climbing the Mountain by Lancaster R. Hill

Economic security

22 Feb

To place economic security in the hands of the government is quite literally a return to our medieval ancestry where feudal lords took responsibility for the economic survival of the serfs working their estates.

Climbing the Mountain by Lancaster R. Hill

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Making world better place quote

19 Nov

As for man, the biological laws make no exception for intelligence or wealth. The laws of God only demand that we do what we can in what time we have, to make the world a place where laziness and sloth are never rewarded.

Climbing the Mountain by Lancaster R. Hill 

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