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Quote about American opportunity

14 Apr

To extinguish the fires of American prosperity, we need only to suffocate them under a blanket of government programs.

A Secret worth keeping by Lancaster R. Hill


Government quote

12 Apr

To follow our government blindly is to walk blind with no cane just waiting to hit something.

Lecture at Princeton University, November 12, 1938 – Lancaster R. Hill 

Entitlement quote

12 Apr

Entitlements are like a house of mirrors: the more mirrors there are the harder it becomes to find a way out.

100 Neighbors by Lancaster R. Hill 

Quote about the US

12 Apr

In the years to come, citizens will wonder with dismay why a fertile America has turned fallow, when they themselves have sucked all the nutrients from the soil. 

Memoirs by Lancaster R. Hill 

government assistance quote

15 Mar

It is not our nature to suffer, and most of those who are offered government handouts in place of effort will take them.

Climb the Mountain by Lancaster R. Hill 

Attainment quote

15 Mar

That which is attained without conflict or strife is rarely worth attainment at all.

Personal communication to Robin Broady, 1942 – Lancaster R. Hill 

Change quote

15 Mar

Great change is brought about not by desire, but by perseverance. Where once there lay an empty parcel of land, you see now a city, built brick by brick by the steady hands representative of determined wills.

100 Neighbors by Lancaster R. Hill

labor quote

28 Dec

The only entitlement guaranteed should be the fruits of one`s own labor.

A Secret worth keeping by Lancaster R. Hill


quote about labor

Fate of man quote

30 Jun

As for man, the biological laws make no exceptions for intelligence and his fate is the same as all lesser creatures. Death. 

100 Neighbors by Lancaster R. Hill 

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Economic security

22 Feb

To place economic security in the hands of the government is quite literally a return to our medieval ancestry where feudal lords took responsibility for the economic survival of the serfs working their estates.

Climbing the Mountain by Lancaster R. Hill

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quote about economic security 

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