Fate of man quote

30 Jun

As for man, the biological laws make no exceptions for intelligence and his fate is the same as all lesser creatures. Death. 

100 Neighbors by Lancaster R. Hill 

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Economic security

22 Feb

To place economic security in the hands of the government is quite literally a return to our medieval ancestry where feudal lords took responsibility for the economic survival of the serfs working their estates.

Climbing the Mountain by Lancaster R. Hill

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quote about economic security 

Obligation of family quote

15 Feb

It is the obligation of the family, not the government, to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. 

100 Neighbors by Lancaster R. Hill 

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quote about obligation of family 


Unemployment quote

6 Feb

What one should expect from unemployment benefits is added unemployment and nothing more.

100 Neighbors by Lancaster R. Hill

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Quote about unemployment


Confronting the truth

6 Feb

It takes discipline to confront the most horrible truths.

A Secret Worth Keeping by Lancaster R. Hill 

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Quote about confronting truth 

Making world better place quote

19 Nov

As for man, the biological laws make no exception for intelligence or wealth. The laws of God only demand that we do what we can in what time we have, to make the world a place where laziness and sloth are never rewarded.

Climbing the Mountain by Lancaster R. Hill 

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changing the world quote

Changing the world quote

24 Oct

One man can dream, a handful can plan, thousands can strike, but just a hundred, properly placed and effectively utilized, can reshape the world. 

100 Neighbors by Lancaster Hill 

Reshaping the world quote

Reshaping the world quote

Liberty quote

24 Oct

Liberty is worth more than every pearl in the ocean, every ounce of gold ever mined. It is as precious to man as air, as necessary to survival as a beating heart. 

A secret worth keeping by Lancaster R. Hill 

Quote about liberty

Quote about liberty

Illness quote

24 Oct

Illnesses can be devastating, not just for those suffering them. 

State Street by Richard Whittingham 

Message to wealthy people

16 Oct

Ye stronger and arrogant intellects, we ask you but for one thing: do not throw another burden on our shoulders, but take some of our burden upon yours, since you, forsooth, are the stronger! But you delight in doing the reverse: for you wish to soar, wherefore we have to carry your burden in addition to ours: that is, we have to crawl.

The dawn of day by Friedrich Nietzsche 

Message to rich people

Message to rich people

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